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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any limitations on the number of clients or cases I can have?

NO. The software and database are installed on your computers at your facility and you can add infinite clients and cases as well as maintain all history.

2. Can the software be used for mental health programs as well as substance abuse programs?

YES. Our assessments and treatment planning both use the standard ASAM six(6) dimensions where dimension III is Emotional, Behavioural, Cognitive Conditions. DSM assignment allows for both substance and mental health coding. The software also comes with patient History, Health and Wellness, assessments for Gambling, Eating Disorders, Internet, Sex and Shopping addition. For sample screens showing the Dimension III assessment and diagnosis assignment.

3. Where can I get an electronic signature pad to use with your software?

Our software is set-up to use a Topaz SigLite LCD 1x5 signature pad ( USB T-S460-HSB ). These may be purchased from Computime Inc.

4. If I start with a free trial will my data be kept when I subscribe to the software?

YES. You will be using the actual full function software and database so all your information is kept for you. If you purchase a multi-user version the database is reinstalled on your server/host and the test data can not transferred. Single user versions can be purchased and your data will remain. (See question 6 below)

5. Is there a way to make a copy of my database for storing offsite?

YES. BMCASE© comes with a Back-up processor that will save your important data to a removable USB drive.

6. Do you have a demo that I can try?

YES. We have a no obligation 10 day free "Try Before You Buy" trial for a Single User. You may continue to use the software and any data you entered after the 10 days by purchasing a license.

7. What OS does a PC need to run BMCASE?

Your PC requires the capability to run Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Later OS. Mac Os x computers would require either a duel boot with Windows or a virtual machine such as Virtual Box

8. Will BMCASE run on a NetBook?

YES. Most NetBooks come with sufficient memory and Hard Drives now that you will have plenty of capability to run BMCASE.

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