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To Whom It May Concern:

In March of 2006 our treatment center implemented an electronic record keeping software program called BMCASE from Bluewater Management Systems. Because of the extensive paper work we already were required to do and the new changes in Minnesota rule 31 requirements found the need for a computerized mechanism for storing data and printing reports in a way that would make our work lives more efficient, spend more time with clients, and would be able to document our work in a way that would be adapted to satisfy (DHS) department of human services. Rule 31 is the Minnesota criteria that are consistent with ASAM requirements for operation of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers.

BMCASE has met our expectations and I would personally recommend any treatment program or human service agency in the state of Minnesota or other US states to take a serious look at the software.

We have received excellent customer service, timely responses to any questions we have. Bluewater Management Systems has bent over backwards to create new software features, forms, and reports specific for our program and specific to rule 31 and continues to go out of their way to please our agency. If you have new ideas about modifications or features, something that would make the software better, they have the ability to create it and make it work. The software is user friendly, saves time, makes us more productive and we no longer have to chase down those heavy client charts because all you need is a computer.

Bluewater also developed the Comprehensive Assessment (similar to ASI), Health Wellness Assessment, Historical Background (intake assessment), and made changes to the treatment plan to make the software ASAM compliant. All of these things were things that our facility needed to be compliant with our state rules of operation.

Using this computerized record system has become a major necessity of our treatment program and has changed how we work by making it easier to complete documents, eliminated redundancy in paperwork, and has given us more time to work with clients.

Thomas Bryant

Outreach Counselor

Vinland Center