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Bluewater Management Systems

Healthcare Software and Consulting

Bluewater Management Systems was established in 1993 and has supplied quality software and management support to several health care facilities since that time.

In 1998 we began the development of what became BMCASE Case Management software. The design and detail requirements for this project where provided by many health care and counselling professionals throughout the life cycle giving the software a user friendly and comprehensive structure.

We have also provided project management, software design and programming, hardware and software RFP's and data conversions to a variety of consumer, manufacturing, transportation, mining and health care facilities over the last 30 years.

What Our Clinics Say About BMCASE:

"BMCASE has met our expectations and I would personally recommend any treatment program or human service agency to take a serious look at this software."

Thomas Bryant, Vinland Center, Loretto, MN

Some Of Our Clients