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Electronic Signatures

In today’s world the patient's information must be complete and accurate, it must be highly secure, readily accessible and stored for years - no easy task for paperbound records. Add to this the often complex government regulatory requirements and its easy to see why paper record keeping has reached critical condition in many hospitals and clinics.

Electronic signature capture is a technology for signing electronic document files with a handwritten signature.  The use of this technology allows for the complete elimination of the mailing, storage, filing, copying, and retrieval of paper documents.  This will save your clinic time and money.

BMCASE© software is ready to use the optional TOPAZ SigLite LCD 1 x 5 signature pad to capture a client's and/or a case managers signatures as well as print them on hard copy reports. Topaz Signature Pads can be purchased

      USB  T-S460-HSB

SigLite LCD 1x5 - Simply plug the signature pad into a USB port on your computer and with BMCASE software you can start having your clients and case managers electronically signing authorizations, assessments and treatment plans immediately. It's as simple as that.

Topaz Signature Pads can be purchased from:


North America

Computime, Inc.

(800) 423 8826