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• BMCASE© is windows based and protects your important data and your client's confidential information safe and secure right at your own facility giving you control and instant access.

 • Easy menu driven selections.

 • Password protected and Encrypted Client Information

• System audit of access and changed records

 • Reporting at several levels for in-house, government or accreditation purposes.

 • Client Demographics including Emergency Contact and Background such as ethnicity, country of birth and more.

 • Room and Bed Management

 • Appointment Scheduler

 • Intake and Diagnostic screens for:

 • ASAM Comprehensive Assessment

 • Patient History/Health/Wellness

 • Multiple Substance and Alcohol Assessments

 • Gambling, Sex, Internet, Food and Shopping Assessment

 • CRAFFT and UNCOPE Screening

 • Dual Diagnosis (CD/MI) and DSM IV coding

 • Customize Your Own Unique Audits/follow-ups With Scoring Assigned.

 • Scan client documents from outside sources to store electronically and view

 • Treatment planning with up to 20 reviews with predefined selections available.

 • ASAM Compliant with six dimensions and risk factoring.

 • Analysis reports/graphs showing developing trends and problem areas.

 • Electronically Sign Authorizations, Assessments And Treatment Plans Using Signature Pad Technology

 • After Care Planning, Discharge Summary & Follow-up

 • Client Satisfaction Exit Interview

 • Certified Detail Visits  

 • Progress Notes / Group Notes

 • DAANES State Reporting - Drug And Alcohol Normative Evaluation System

 • After Care Outcomes for Treated Areas

 • Analysis reports/graphs showing developing trends and problem areas.

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