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Save Time And Money

BMCASE saves time by streamlining record keeping and saves money by eliminating paper and printing costs, while reducing time spent by staff in filing, searching for and maintaining records. Using our multiple search and select method enables quick and easy access to case information. Our customers indicate that they can locate client files in seconds which saves time and money. Case information is always available for viewing or reporting, even if someone else is currently modifying a cases information.

Standard Procedures

BMCASE© will help case managers follow a process and has been especially useful for new companies in providing a framework for new case managers. The use of standard templates in assessments documentation also assists in providing consistent standards for all outgoing correspondence.

Minimal typing

BMCASE© stores client information and auto populates forms with appropriate client data through out the software. BMCASE eliminates the need to write a client's name and other repetitive information on forms by quickly doing it for you.

Reduce Paper Work

It won't be long before facilities will be required to maintain electronic records to maintain compliance. BMCASE enables you to switch to and maintain client data in electronic format easily.


Each user has their own security profile to use the software and control what information they can access. Access rights can be limited to read only or modify and access to certain tabs can also be limited.


BMCASE can assist you in gathering collated statistics to better serve your clients. Organize data statistics such as Case Load percentages by gender, age, type of diagnosis, race, and more for example.


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