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Assessments And Audits

We have included a complete set of full function assessments and audits that may be all you ever need but if you want to add your own audits and questionnaires we supply you with an easy to use custom audit builder complete with scoring. You can specify these audits as intakes or follow-ups and they automatically appear on your selection menus for you.

Each Custom Audit may have:    

Suggested Uses For Custom Audits:

Authorization Forms

BMCASE©  comes with a set of authorization forms that can be signed electronically. These include:

Release of Information, Consent to Admission, Chemical Health Policy, Notice of Privacy, Vulnerable Adult Assessment, Form 25015 General Authorization (HIPAA), and Harm Reduction Education Goals.


As with custom audits you can also set-up your own authorization forms for electronic signing and storage. below is a sample form created with BMCASE and the print of the signed form.

Sample of Custom Form signed and printed:

Custom Audits