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BMCASE© is a fully integrated client information solution consisting of a consolidated group of applications that provide easy and intuitive access to the patient’s electronic treatment record through a single interface.

The complete software and database are installed directly on your computer or server. You control who has access to the software and data through our password secured system..

We have included a set of full function assessments and audits that may be all you ever need but if you want to add your own audits and questionnaires we supply you with an easy to use custom audit builder complete with scoring. You can specify these audits as intakes or follow-ups and they automatically appear on your selection menus for you.

BMCASE© Case Management software offers you fast and accurate behavioural health clinical documentation with it's comprehensive and easy-to-use Practice Management and Electronic Health Record keeping for clinical decisions and clarified communication between clinicians.

The design and detail requirements for this software where provided by many health care and counselling professionals throughout the life cycle giving the software a user friendly and comprehensive structure.


BMCASE  Case Management Software

BMCASE© Features

BMCASE saves time by streamlining record keeping and saves money by eliminating paper and printing costs, while reducing time spent by staff in filing, searching for and maintaining records. Using our multiple search and select method enables quick and easy access to case information. Our customers indicate that they can locate client files in seconds, saving time and money. Case information is always available for viewing or reporting, even if someone else is currently modifying case information.

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